Antique shopping with kids…

As you may or may not know, I am the proud mother of 2 wonderful children.  Most people ask me how I have the time to run a business and look after 2 small children.  From day 1 of starting the business my daughter has been completely hands on with everything and loves “helping mommy with the business”.  (My son was just a teeny tiny baby when this all came to be so he didn’t take much notice!)

The most important aspect of managing both my professional and family life is to include my children in everything that I do and to make it fun.  My daughter is probably my biggest advocate and cheers me on with everything that I do.  She is always looking on in admiration and saying “Wow mommy, that is beautiful!” or if I’m styling a candy buffet, it is more like “Can I have a candy please mommy??” lol.  I have to admit that I’m pretty lucky to have such a cute little cheerleader!

There is nothing that my daughter loves more (other than her cars!) than helping me gather up the “birdies” or passing me mason jars, birdcages, etc. when I’m in the early styling phases of a wedding.  She particularly loves going shopping with me to find all of our unique pieces for our wonderful customers.  At 4, she already has a keen eye for great finds!

The other important aspect is to still be a mother and take time to close my laptop and get down on the floor and play with my kids and teach them all of life’s important lessons.  In fact, that is what I’m going to do right now!  Until next time….





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