Wedding Trends 2016

Why do I love my job as an event stylist? Because I get to make people’s dreams a reality and I get to have fun doing it.  I get to work with amazing people along the way, such as other vendors and my own staff.  Because going shopping is considered part of my job and I don’t feel guilty doing it! Lol  Because I have a house full of unique items that I get to interchange and “mash” together to create a new look for each couple.  The list is endless!  Did I mention that I also get to spend countless hours on Pinterest researching new ideas and trends, again without feeling guilty and also feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of it??

Speaking of trends, everyone always wants to know what the next latest trend in wedding décor is. I’m happy to say that rustic is in and it’s here to stay for at least a couple more years!  People love this style and I have been lucky to see it grow and evolve over the last few years from vintage with a touch of rustic to full on rustic to rustic with a touch of glam and now it appears that anything goes.  Couples have seen so many amazing rustic styles and themes over the last few years that it seems that they now conglomerate their own preferences and create a look that is unique to them.  I’ve been asked for it all!

It has been predicted that metallics are going to be bigger and better than ever and I’m so excited to mix these with rustic elements – the result will be breathtaking! Rose gold and copper are the two metallics set to be highest on the trend board this year -two of my faves so I’m super pumped!    The look can go from subtle metallic accents such as candle holders to full on metallic with the likes of vases, table numbers, candle holders, bridesmaid dresses and décor accents (particularly on the cake table and even cake to the receiving table).

Another trend I’m noticing is the use of more wood. Brides are loving tree stumps and tree slices intermingled with their décor.  From centrepiece wood slices to cake stands to tree stumps anywhere, the look is definitely in and looks incredible.  Along with wood is more greenery and natural elements.  Think forest, now think forest elements in your wedding.  Sound good?  Looks even better!  These natural elements can change by season and are so fun to play around with.  The best part is that you can pick them up for free (but many stores are now also offering them if you need bulk quantities or would prefer to buy them)!  We love to use simple but remarkable items, often items we find onsite at the ceremony or venue, to elaborate the theme and tie in to the surroundings.  The opportunities are endless such as pine cones, wild flowers, fallen apples, leaves, stones, twigs, driftwood.  Again, anything goes!

Lanterns are also another key décor element that is on trend and appears to be sticking around for another few years. They can be used anywhere and everywhere and add both candlelight and class to your wedding.  They are the perfect décor accent – need something extra for your receiving table?  Try a lantern!  Need a card holder?  Try a lantern!  The beauty about lanterns is that there are so many different shapes, colours, styles and sizes available now, that the options are endless and they provide a wonderful opportunity to put a unique twist to your wedding.  Some brides prefer the same look throughout while others prefer a more eclectic look and have different styles and colours intermixed.


Seeing another trend emerging? That’s right, anything goes!  When it comes to wedding planning and choosing your theme, remember that each person and each couple is unique.  Choose what you like and what you think looks nice.  Of course, we are always there to provide ideas, feedback and support J  At the end of the day, you want to look back and love every element of your wedding and you want it to be a reflection of your personal style.  Do it for yourself and you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with the results.  And if you want to be blown away by the results, contact Mashed Events 😉  Happy planning!

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Ireland House Museum Wedding Show & Expo

I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with Marietta and Lola again from Enticing Icings at the Ireland House House Museum Wedding Show & Expo on Sunday, June 2.  It was an outdoor expo showcasing the gorgeous grounds of the Ireland House Museum in Burlington, Ontario.

We were fortunate to have the rustic barn all to ourselves, which not only provided us with a stunning backdrop for our decor and our cakes but also provided us with shelter from the nasty rain that decided to embark upon us that day!

Although the rain put a slight damper on the day, we met some great brides to be as well as some fantastic local wedding vendors.  It also didn’t stop us from setting up a gorgeous display with various rustic pieces such as tree stumps, a rustic mailbox, vintage suitcases and bird cages and handing out delicious cupcakes (not going to lie…I ate my fair share! lol  If you haven’t tried Lola and Marietta’s cakes, you need to…they are to die for!!!).

All in all, it was a fantastic day.  Check out some pictures below.

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Shauna and Rick engagement photo shoot – Hernder Estate

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Shannon, the talented photographer behind Allure Photography in Hamilton, ON.  She invited me along to join in on Shauna and Rick’s engagement photo shoot at Hernder Estates and create a vintage picnic theme for them to use as a special back drop.

Shauna and Rick were the perfect couple!  So cute and in love!  It was a blast working with them and incorporating our vintage props into their special engagement photo shoot.  The wine from Hernder Estates completed the look along with our picnic basket, wood crates, vintage suitcases, pinwheels, vintage books and more.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of their photos….

All the best to this amazing couple 🙂  And Shannon,  I look forward to working with you again soon!

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Antique shopping with kids…

As you may or may not know, I am the proud mother of 2 wonderful children.  Most people ask me how I have the time to run a business and look after 2 small children.  From day 1 of starting the business my daughter has been completely hands on with everything and loves “helping mommy with the business”.  (My son was just a teeny tiny baby when this all came to be so he didn’t take much notice!)

The most important aspect of managing both my professional and family life is to include my children in everything that I do and to make it fun.  My daughter is probably my biggest advocate and cheers me on with everything that I do.  She is always looking on in admiration and saying “Wow mommy, that is beautiful!” or if I’m styling a candy buffet, it is more like “Can I have a candy please mommy??” lol.  I have to admit that I’m pretty lucky to have such a cute little cheerleader!

There is nothing that my daughter loves more (other than her cars!) than helping me gather up the “birdies” or passing me mason jars, birdcages, etc. when I’m in the early styling phases of a wedding.  She particularly loves going shopping with me to find all of our unique pieces for our wonderful customers.  At 4, she already has a keen eye for great finds!

The other important aspect is to still be a mother and take time to close my laptop and get down on the floor and play with my kids and teach them all of life’s important lessons.  In fact, that is what I’m going to do right now!  Until next time….





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