The secret to success in vintage and rustic wedding decorating…

So many times I am asked by my clients or my friends – “What is your secret when it comes to styling vintage and rustic wedding decor?”.  I thought I’d write a blog post to share my deepest, darkest secrets.

Here it is….ready?  My big secret to rustic and vintage wedding decorating is…..DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.  There is no special formula for determining which pieces work best with what or which vintage vase looks best with that gorgeous vintage suitcase that you found.  I could come up with some fancy formula that takes into account colour palette, size, height, location, etc. but I feel like I would be doing everyone a disservice.  That is the beauty about vintage and rustic decor.  It is all about your personal taste and sometimes the more mismatched and eclectic it is, the more beautiful it looks.  Anything goes!

And there it is, my secrets revealed.  Did I help or disappoint? 🙂

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